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COntrolling Captivate - Countdown TImer

Controlling Captivate – Countdown Timer

Welcome to another installment of Controlling Captivate – Countdown Timer. We’ve read many complaints over the years about the limits of the Timer Widget supplied in Captivate. These range from: “the visual style cannot be changed”, “you cannot have an action triggered when time is up”, and even “it’s very annoying”. We decided to alleviate

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Why You Should Include Video in your Learning Curriculum

If you need proof why video should be an important element in your learning program, there is no need to look any further….we’ve got the proof for you right here! With the use of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo on the rise, it goes without saying that people are turning to video more and more

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Audition, Audacity, and More…Oh My! – Part Two of Tools Review Blog Series

In part one of this blog series, we evaluated various presentation tools you can add to your toolbox. Now we’re going to take a look at some audio tools you can use. Audio can be an integral part of the work you do for various types of projects including podcasts, presentations, videos, and eLearning|blended learning

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Capturing a Keypress in Captivate

Sometimes you need to control Captivate funtionality and you struggle finding ways to accomplish your task. In this blog series, we’ll be addressing different issues we’ve encountered personally and popular questions and problems discussed on forums regarding Captivate. Ready? Let’s get started. Tip 1: Controlling Keypress Entries Have you ever needed to capture a keypress

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Captivate, Prezi, and SlideShare…Oh My!

Ah…the woes of an instructional designer can be many in this day and age. Not only do we need to keep up with the latest changes in our field (different ISD models, new trends in learning, etc.), a lot of us are also struggling to learn how to develop the eLearning courses, videos, presentations, and

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