Corporate Gift Buying Made Easy


It’s that time of year. Everyone is shopping for their family, friends and co-workers, boss or client/vendor. As if you didn’t have enough on your plate, every time you turn around there is another gift to buy. Don’t be a Grinch about it…. check out the tips below for fabulous, easy ideas everyone will enjoy.

*Note:  Most companies enforce strict policies when buying for employees or customers. Make sure you are aware of what the rules are. Cash and gift cards are usually on the naughty list and have tax ramifications. Know before you buy!



  1. Professional Notebook – Everyone takes notes (or should). Give them a nice notebook to carry and reference at meetings and events. A stylish pen is a great accessory!
  2. Calendars – Whether it’s a small notebook style for client meetings, a doggy wall calendar for the pet lover, or a classic flip desk calendar it’s an easy and functional gift.
  3. Coffee or tea basket – we all know that co-worker or client who drinks coffee or tea all day long. Why not find out their favorite blend and help keep them awake the rest of the afternoon! Hot chocolate goes over well also. Don’t forget the marshmallows (MMMMM).
  4. Frequent traveler – Maybe they’re in sales, or maybe they travel all the time to visit you 😊. A TSA-approved toiletry bag could be handy, or a portable phone charger, head rest, or noise cancelling headphones (the guy in aisle 5 is snoring). And don’t forget magazines and books for the avid reader.
  5. Remember that dog lover we discussed in #2…how much do they love dogs? Some people will genuinely appreciate a gift for their furry friend. Buy a Bark Box and win them over.
  6. We all know liquor and wine are options, but are you are prohibited from buying alcohol as a gift? Buy them a nice set of rocks glasses or wine glasses instead. There are also many accessories you can purchase like corkscrews, coasters, bottle openers, etc. Get creative!
  7. Consider their personal hobbies if you can and incorporate their interests when choosing a gift. Golf balls for the golfer, a lightweight water bottle for the runner, a yoga mat for the Yoga lover, etc. This just shows them how much you pay attention … BONUS!
  8. Gifts for women – Try a large coffee mug, decorative small bowl, mason jar, or something of the sort. Line it with tissue paper and stuff it with fun small items. Nail polish, polish remover (they come in individual packs now), votive candle, gum, candy or mints, hand sanitizer, cozy slipper socks rolled up, k-cups, travel size lotion, stainless steel drinking straw, or chap stick. Jewelry can be an option; but, be cautious. Depending on the recipient, it can be a little too personal.
  9. Gifts for men – Use a mug, glass or even a large hot/cold tumbler. Line it with a handkerchief or tissue paper and fill it with a money clip, candy, gum or mints, small deck of cards, stress ball, k-cup, nail clippers, cuff links, luggage tag, sports related koozie or stainless-steel straw.

When all else fails, a typical pre-made gift basket will do…and can be ordered last minute in most situations. Check them out on Amazon. If you have more time (and a decent budget) Harry and David has a great selection.

Don’t feel like doing any of it? Running out of time? Call me at 937-546-0507, book an appointment using this link:, or shoot me an email at Santa’s little helper is glad to assist!

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By the way, here is a link to shipping deadlines for UPS!  Might come in handy!