8 Easy Ideas for Your (not Boring) Virtual Holiday Event

2020 has been a whirlwind for many of us, all over the world. And now, it’s the holiday season and you are faced with determining the best way to get your team together, promote moral, and recognizing the people who grow your business and keep things running smoothly. How do you do that without sacrificing the health of your beloved team? I’ve named a few ways to handle that below. Use this list to get you started and you’ll find that everyone is engaged and enjoys your event.

1. Virtual Music Trivia

You can search here for a bunch of options for music trivia. Mute everyone but yourself when playing and the first person to raise their hand and get the correct answer gets a point. How about a mix of holiday favorites or the top songs of the 80s, 90s or today? Whoever has the most points at the end of the session wins. Award prizes like gift cards, food delivery credits, or gift baskets. All those prizes can safely and easily be sent the winner!

2. Virtual Music Bingo

Music Bingo can be fun as well. Go here to access music bingo cards or create your own with the ideas in the link. Send them out prior to your event and your attendees will all be engaged and ready to yell BINGO for the win. Award prizes to the winner if you like or relish in the fact that all employees are engaged. Tip: Use a winter or holiday theme for added interest.

3. Deliver Food/Beverages

Send dinner or appetizers (cheese and beef stick, crackers, nuts, wings) and drinks to attendees via delivery. You can order food of all sorts online for delivery now. Utilize door dash, pizza delivery, or send beverage kits by doing a quick search online. Please note that some states have restrictions on alcohol delivery. Most sites will let you know if you can or cannot send alcohol to a specific state.

4. Gift Exchange

White elephant gift exchanges can be super fun. Don’t feel restricted just because you can’t do these things in person. Heck, you could even dance virtually. Use your imagination and go for it!

5. Company Logo Gifts

Send company logo items as gifts. Now days you are not limited to golf shirts and pens. Do a search for logo items and find trendy items your employees will use. Hoodies, totes, picture frames, koozie’s or mugs. Your employees will appreciate the effort you make, and you will find they will actually use these items instead of throwing them in the back of a closet.

6. Get Creative

Have fun with the event. Suggest employees wear festive outfits, have a decorating contest for their home office or any area they are using for the event. Have an ugly sweater contest or adopt a family and have each employee responsible for a gift for the family. You can all wrap gifts during your virtual party.

7. Saran Wrap Gift Balls

Make saran wrap gift balls and send to attendees prior to the event. Take a few minutes for each employee to open their ball while the others watch. They can unwrap via zoom and share in the fun. Look for ideas here.

8. Address your Employees

Recognize each employee in one way or another (even if they don’t attend). Take time to recognize the efforts of each employee before ending the call. This will ensure everyone feels appreciated.

Remember to be mindful of your employee’s schedules. You can hold the event any time during the day. Just remember that some employees may have children to care for or may have family in town, etc. Be certain to value their time.

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