How to Become a Networking Rockstar
(And How your VA can Help)

It’s a no-brainer that networking can help you grow your business. But networking can be time-consuming and a little stressful, not to mention nerve-wracking. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 3 to ensure your time is spent wisely and how a VA can ensure you become a networking Rockstar!


  1. Your VA can search for networking opportunities for you. They can also sign you up to receive information on upcoming networking events.
  2. Prior to each event, have your VA ensure your business cards are current and that you have enough cards on hand. A VA can re-order business cards or maybe even re-design them if they are outdated. If it’s a virtual event, have your VA create a digital business card for you.
  3. Have your VA ask for an attendee list from the hosting company.  Your VA can then select and review prospects from the list that match your industry or niche. These are the people you should plan on meeting and connecting with during the event. If you unable to connect one on one during the event, your VA can connect with them for you via social media or by sending an email afterwards. Mentioning you attended the same event is a great conversation starter.
  4. Have your VA post on social media that you are attending the event in advance. Someone else may be attending and seek you out.

Don’t Sell – Connect!

  1. Networking events can be great, or they can be a huge failure. When speaking to someone, don’t be too salesy. Inquire about their business, likes and dislikes and share a little bit about yourself what you do, and STOP. Let them do most of the speaking and listen to them. Once they are done, you may be able to throw out a few ideas on how you can help.  This isn’t a sales pitch. You are trying to build a relationship. You are connecting. By leaving a good impression, they will think of you later when they need the service you offer.
  2. After each discussion, head to a quieter place and jot down a few notes about who they are and why it would be good to follow up with them. Your VA can create a list for you based on your notes. Call it your lead list. Your VA can also manage it.
  3. You don’t have to share your business card with every person you meet, but you should ask for theirs. Show them you are genuinely interested.

Follow Up!

  1. Following up is crucial! Do not attend an event and then do nothing. You will get nowhere fast by thinking your time was spent wisely and not doing anything else. Have your VA create that lead list and connect with people on social media and or send a follow up email, even if it’s only to tell them you were happy to meet them.
  2. Every few months or when you feel the time is right, have your VA reach back out. Staying in touch ensures they will know who to call when they need your help.
  3. When you follow up, ask if they are interested in being added to your mailing list. Never add without permission. Your VA can manage your mailing list and send out emails for you.

Once you begin to utilize the tips and processes above, you’ll be a pro in no time. Networking will be fun, productive and a great way to gain new prospects. Rock on with your bad self! 😊

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