It’s Time to Plan your Corporate Holiday Event Now!

Here are 5 Reasons Why:

I was watching TV the other day and saw a clip on the national news about Christmas in July. Did you know it’s a thing? Me either! Maybe you can’t wait for the holidays, colder weather, and stuffing those stockings. Or maybe you dread the season…the gift buying, the in-laws (had to throw that in there for quick giggle), the extra spending of money, and planning the corporate holiday event. No matter how you feel about it, trust me, now is the best time prepare for any party or event during the holidays. Early due diligence can make your life so much easier and the party so much better! Get everything lined up and out of the way. You’ll have a head start and half of it done before summer is over.

  1. Have you ever tried to coordinate a holiday event during the last few months of the year, only to realize that you may have waited too long, and the likelihood of a December party is pretty much off the table? While some companies intentionally wait for the beginning of the year, if you want your event to happen in December, you better get moving. Dates fill up quickly!
  2. What about the venue? Where are you going to hold your event? Will it be onsite in the breakroom or conference room? Will it be offsite, online, casual, or fancy? The more time you allow to make these decisions, the better the outcome.  If you want a specific restaurant, country club, or bar, it’s very possible other people in your area want to book the same place.  Some event coordinators book venue’s more than 6 months in advance or even the day after their last party for the next year. And with COVID on the rise again, space may be more limited.
  3. Don’t forget your attendee’s schedules. The holiday season is hectic for most. Get on their calendar early to ensure maximum attendance.
  4. Entertainment can also be tricky unless you research early. There are so many parties, weddings, NYE parties, and other events that take place during the holiday season, your favorite band, magician, or piano player might be already booked. Do the research now and book early to ensure your guests are delighted.
  5. Budgets are put in place for a reason, aren’t they? What about a timeline? Creating your budget and a timeline now, can help keep you on track and within budget. You’ll know when to complete a task, the exact dollar spent you have for each expense, and keep your stress level to a minimum. Bonus – everyone will be amazed with your efforts, planning, and cost-effectiveness!

Whether you keep it low-key with a few apps and beverages during happy hour, coordinate a long lunch, or go all out with a formal dinner and dancing, the sooner you get started, the better! And, once the date arrives, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.