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Are You Enchanting Your Learners?

The next time you’re at dinner, in a meeting, or at a store take a second and look around for distractions. How many people are on their phones? How many are actively engaged in a conversation? Is anyone watching TV instead of talking to the people they’re with? How many people are truly connected to

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You Can (and Should) Include Gamification in Your Courses

Who doesn’t enjoy playing a game or two? Using games for education and training can provide many benefits to employers and their employees. And with Generation Y growing up playing games on their tablets in their strollers it’s only going to get bigger. They not only are tech savvy, they want to work for businesses

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Microlearning for Knowledge Retention

Do you consider yourself an instructional designer, developer, teacher, curriculum writer, coach? Whatever your title preference we all have the same goal, not to just write training material, but to have our learners be able to pull out and retain the information that we put in. Microlearning focuses on something specific as opposed to a

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Hottest Trends in Learning for 2018

What’s your favorite method of eLearning? Do you prefer to read an eBook, participate in an interactive learning module, or maybe a good old-fashioned webinar is more up your alley? These are three common types of learning solutions that first come to mind when I think of the different methods of eLearning I’ve participated in

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Adobe Captivate logo

Controlling Captivate – Upgrading to Captivate 9

When designing and/or developing courses do you ever find yourself wondering how to create a fresh approach to interactivity? Do you find yourself falling back on your set of “old faithful’s” or the question templates you have available? Do you feel pressured to hurry up and get it done instead of having the freedom to

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Controlling Captivate – ShowHide

Welcome to another installment of Controlling Captivate! In this post we are going to show you, with the help of a FREE TLC add-in, how to show and hide elements without using any advanced actions. This blog and add-in pertain only to CP8, CP9, and HTML5 output. In a recent project we needed to show

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Image of Captivate logo and color palette.

3 Ways to Use Custom Color Palettes in Captivate That YOU Have to Check Out

If you’re like me, you’ve often found yourself creating a highlight box, a callout, a drop shadow, etc. in your Captivate file and you’ve forgotten the RGB or Hex code of the color you want to use. It’s frustrating to stop what you’re doing, look for that piece of paper, design document, etc. to locate

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Captivate and HTML5 logo.

Controlling Captivate – Media Queries

Welcome to another installment of TLC Media Design’s Controlling Captivate series. Today we’ll show you how to use one of the best features of CSS3, the Media Query. In this simple demonstration we’ll show you how to hide the CC close button in a CP8 responsive project. Captivate does not always respond the way we

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Controlling Captivate – Bookmarking

We’ve read numerous posts on the internet concerning the way Captivate bookmarks a learner’s location in a course. Since you don’t have the option the change CP’s behavior out of the box, we’ll show you how to override the default SCORM bookmarking behavior in Captivate 6, 7 and 8. Captivate uses the SCORM value cmi.suspend_data

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It’s in the Details: eLearning Timesaving Tips

Your objectives are approved and you’ve inserted them in your lesson. Awesome! You continue developing your content, building your interactions, and eventually … your course is finished! Testing begins and you’re feeling pretty good about things. Then you notice that your email box is filling up with comments from testers and a feeling of dread

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