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COntrolling Captivate - Countdown TImer

Controlling Captivate – Countdown Timer

Welcome to another installment of Controlling Captivate – Countdown Timer. We’ve read many complaints over the years about the limits of the Timer Widget supplied in Captivate. These range from: “the visual style cannot be changed”, “you cannot have an action triggered when time is up”, and even “it’s very annoying”. We decided to alleviate

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Captivate, Prezi, and SlideShare…Oh My!

Ah…the woes of an instructional designer can be many in this day and age. Not only do we need to keep up with the latest changes in our field (different ISD models, new trends in learning, etc.), a lot of us are also struggling to learn how to develop the eLearning courses, videos, presentations, and

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When to Use eLearning Templates – and When Not To – Part Two

In Part One of this post, we discussed 5 great reasons to use a pre-built eLearning template. To follow-up in Part Two, we’re now going to explore 5 reasons when a custom solution is in your best interest. 5 Reasons You Need a Custom Solution: Pre-built templates are a set of standardized screens/layouts, navigation elements,

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