Adobe Captivate Development

Image of a course designed by TLC Media Design.

Example of a custom interface with a widget applied to move, resize and extend the rows of CC text for the video.

TLC Media Design has over 20 combined years of experience using Adobe Captivate to develop eLearning courses for Government and Private Industry. Our innovative use of custom widgets and JavaScript solutions enable us to extend the out-of-the-box functionality.

Extending the functionality of eLearning software has always been a challenge. No single piece of software can fit the Instructional Designers vision. TLC Media Design can help you realize that vision. We have shared a few of these enhancements in our blogs, manipulating playbars, the PauseIT!Widget, and enhancing the SCORM bookmarking through JavaScript and more. But that's not all we can do!

We can develop custom playbars for SWF output that can completely control Captivate, moving the closed-captioning, displaying an XML-driven glossary and more... Yes we can even disable the next button.

We develop SCORM back-ends that are controlled through the playbar, keeping track of progress and completion across sessions.

Following are just a few of the enhancements we can offer to make your designers and customers happy.

HTML5 - Custom Video Add-in to display closed-captions in Captivates closed captioning

HTML5 - Disable Next button in Captivates playbar

HTML5 - Disable scrubbing or navigating by clicking on the progress indicator

HTML5 - Change to functionality of the Captivate playbar to show progress for each slide instead or the project.

HTML5 and SWF - Prevent upward scaling of projects, while preserving downward scaling capability

HTML5 and SWF - manipulate the position and size of Captivates closed captioning

SWF - Custom branded playbars and Widgets

We also can design custom interfaces with JavaScript functionality to control you entire project.

TLC Media Design also offers SCORM templates to aggregate your Captivate projects into a multi-SCO course for SCORM 1.2 and 2004. We can re-direct users to specific lessons (SCO's) based on user input while preserving SCORM functionality.

And that's not all! We at TLC Media Design are always working to fix the "bugs" and extend the functionality of Adobe Captivate.

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