Learning Solution Design & Development

TLC Media Design, LLC, provides results-oriented learning products and services at an affordable price. We apply industry-leading rapid design and development methods to provide effective solutions for your learning needs, even under challenging circumstances. Just a few of the many benefits our customers enjoy are:

Convenience: 24/7 course access provides the on-demand training and education support you need.

Consistency: A uniform message transforms ambiguity to certainty in realizing key learning outcomes.

Productivity: Real-world concepts build the proficiency of new and existing workforce members alike.

Strategic Alignment: Carefully crafted learning objectives reinforce cornerstone business strategies with sound instructional framework.

Solutions: Tailored content and delivery meet diverse audience needs – solving education and training problems AT work with learning solutions THAT work!

We offer adaptable learning solutions supporting the education and training initiatives of a diverse clientele. Don’t settle for tired instructional approaches and subpar results; our substantial expertise in designing and developing quality learning deliverables in a variety of engaging, dynamic forms will net the bottom-line results your business needs and your workforce wants. We have the time-tested experience needed to implement a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary curricula, including instructor-led formats, interactive eLearning and Blended Learning courses, professional videos, and more. In addition, we have years of experience integrating SCORM-compliant solutions for our customers.

At TLC Media Design, we are in the business of tackling learning challenges for our customers. Contact us today to discuss a learning solution that’s right for you.